I’ve always loved capturing the moments of my sons having fun and feeling good at doing something. As they grew older, that grew to include all their friends and teams who also wheedled their way into my heart. Having worked with kids and students my whole life, I know the feeling of a parent, teacher, or anyone who’s put their soul into helping them do more than they thought they could. It’s so exciting to say “Look! There’s mine!” and feel that someone else recognizes just a bit of how amazing, fantastic, and charmingly goofy those separate pieces of our hearts really are.

That… that is what I want my pictures to do for people. We can’t see each of our children’s events, catch them in all of their candid glory. I want to show how awesome kids are when they’re out there being their independent, accomplished selves. More importantly, I want them to see the stars they are, and remember that feeling, and the fun they had, through these moments that will go by all too quickly.

I guess the other part of it is that I just love kids. (As they may notice, sometimes I have to remind myself to actually snap pictures, between cheering them on!) They crack me up, and I can’t imagine anything much cooler than capturing and preserving those fleeting moments of childhood happiness, exuberance and youthful accomplishment. These are times that will be gone before we know it, but some of the truest and happiest. Besides, the world needs to see more kids, even teenagers (maybe especially teenagers!) just being kids and being happy!

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